Reduce Payment Processing Fees

FixFi provides a holistic solution for the entire payment process, so that we can keep your fees lower than our competitors.

Accepting Cards Shouldn't be Costly

We understand that every penny counts when running your business. Because FixFi provides many of the underlying services in the payment processing flow, we can lower your per transaction costs.

Transparent & Flexible

Pricing Models

Per Transaction

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The Solutions we offer are built on our core Products, and are fully customizable. We have flexible pricing models to fit your use-case. Please contact sales for a quote.

Reduce Fees

Accepting cashless payments is the bread and butter of modern payment workflows, but built-in per transaction fees can be irritating. Let us help you reduce those costs, so that you can reinvest what you save in your business's success.

Questions for Us?

Get In Touch and we'll explore how you can use FixFi Core Products to build financial workflows just right for you.