Our Vision, Direction, & Priorities

Stay updated as we reach milestones & know what is coming next in the pipeline.


Prebuilt hosted checkout page.

ACH Transfers

Merchants can onboard immediately and begin accepting payments now using our drag-and-drop functions.

Payment Links

Accept payments via a generated url. Manage transactions in the dash.

Issue Card

Issue Cards to Accounts. Manage spend.

In Progress
FixFi App

End-user experience for managing cards & transactions.

VeriFi Function

Verify identities, perform OFAC checks.

MyFi Function

Autofill card information, keep card information updated.

ACH Transfers

Initiate debits and credits. See status updates.

Transaction Management Dashboard

Programs can be managed within the dashboard.

Account Setup

Entities account setup and management.

Ledgering System

Transactions are ledgered with status updates.

Website Launched

FixFi website launched.