Pay Employees Early

Use FixFi's Card Issuing Product to build an Early Wage Access Program & Manage your Operations in the FixFi Dashboard.

What Does an Early Wage Access Program Look Like?

Issue prepaid cards to participating employees each month. Set the terms of your program, include partners, choose to add your branding and customized UI. Monitor your program and automatically onboard participants in the FixFi dashboard.

Elevate your Operations

Are You a Third Party Early Wage Access Provider?

FixFi provides Software & Products to support Early Wage Access operations. Set yourself apart from other providers, with little extra work on your end.

Use Case
Take advantage of FixFi's powerful KYC, compliance, risk and fraud monitoring services, and fully customizable Card Issuing Product to offer a complete and seamless EWA program experience to your clients.

White Label Service
Give your clients access to our Dashboard without FixFi branding. No need for additional providers or awkward integrations. We provide what you need, behind-the-scenes, so that you stand out.

Transparent & Flexible

Pricing Models

Pay Per Issued Card

Please contact sales for a quote.


The Solutions we offer are built on our core Products, and are fully customizable. We have flexible pricing models to fit your use-case. Please contact sales for a quote.


Giving your employees peace of mind through early wage access programs can reduce churn and increase engagement at work. Let us help you design a EWA program that sets you apart from other businesses.

Questions For Us?

Get In Touch and we'll explore how you can use FixFi Core Products to build financial workflows just right for you.